About Us

This Omaha leader in residential remodeling and renovation started working on his craft quite early. From a young age, Eric always had an intrinsic passion and skill for building, creating and designing -the beard came much later. This drive to build, coupled with his respect for quality craftsmanship, naturally lead him to develop Bearded Builders. Now, Eric, his beautiful wife and their five kids are proud to call Omaha home to their family and their business.

Bearded Builders has become an Omaha community favorite for renovations, remodels and everything in between. As the leader of Bearded Builders, Eric has over 15 years experience in home remodeling, but that isn’t enough to run a successful business here in the midwest. Eric knew that as a business owner, longevity in the Omaha community means bringing hard work, ethical business practices and quality craftsmanship to every job.

This is the “About Us” page, so you should know that the the thing about us is, Bearded Builders will go above and beyond to design and build with heart and sound craftsmanship, every time.

Our Mission

Bearded Builders isn’t just another Omaha residential renovations and remodeling company -our trademark can be seen in our work, and our client care. We build things the way they used to build things. We treat customers the way they used to be treated. We conduct business the way it should be. Call it old-fashioned, because that’s what it is, but that’s how it should be, especially in this industry.

Yes, cutting corners will often cut the price as well as the time, and if that sounds like a plan to you, then we’re not the company for you and you won’t be hard-pressed in the least to find one that is. We don’t skimp on the second coat, we don’t buy cheap materials and we certainly don’t cut corners. We believe in a old-fashioned approach to building, work and business.

Our mission is not only for our clients to be satisfied with our services today, but 50 years from now. When something is built right, it’s built to last, and that’s our mission.

We treat customers the way they should be treated.